Welcome to UroLab!
UROLAB is a national laboratory dedicated to Kidney Stone Analysis. This is a NABL accredited laboratory, and  only of its kind which is doing Integrated Stone analysis of Kidney Stones and 24 hrs Urine Metabolic Profile (Litho-Risk).
Stone analysis is performed by qualified team under and experienced Pathologist, specially trained in world’s top laboratories for Stone analysis.

Why Stone analysis important ?
Kidney Stone has habit for forming again and again. To prevent this recurrence, one need to analyze it in a special laboratory. Once cause is known, your doctor can give correct treatment. This will prevent un-necessary restrictions of diet and further expenses for tests and procedures.Knowledge of the composition of calculi yields fundamental information concerning the...
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Litho Risk profile with Super Saturation Value (24 hrs Urine)
First of its kind in India: Measurement of various components in 24 hrs Urine sample with Super-saturation values. This gives most accurate information about your body’s metabolic status. This makes your doctors to know factors responsible for developing stones. A follow up 24 hrs estimation shows how treatment is effective. This test is very useful in preventing recurrence of stone.

Litho Risk is supported by a software that allows you to calculate the indices of relative saturation through a color-coded graphical representation of easy and immediate interpretation.

Risk Litho provide supplementary diagnostic information needed to make a correct diagnosis...
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