Why Uro Lab?
Kidney Stone analysis is a special test. No single method is sufficient for accurate results. It has to be performed by specially trained and experienced Pathologist. Our Pathologist is trained at world’s top laboratories which perform exclusively Kidney Stone Analysis. URO-LAB has latest, state of art equipments FTIR which can analyze any size stone with great accuracy and speed. Our expert Crystallographic analysis with Microscopic chemistry is exclusively performed at URO-LAB.
Approach to analysis for Kidney Stones at Uro-Lab:
Uro-Lab combines sophisticated instrumental techniques with conventional methods to accomplish precise identification of the chemical components and structural order of urinary, biliary and all other endogenous calculi. Our Integrated Crystallographic Analysis procedure as*:
Macroscopic examination-- weight, size, shape, number (all calculi)
Microscopic examination-- Nidus, order of deposition of constituents, estimate of composition, removal of minor components for physical and chemical tests (all calculi)
Polarization microscopy
Infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR)
Chemical Microscopy.
Photomicrography, when desired.
Final, semi quantitative, modified estimate of composition from above results.
At our centre, even very small amount of stone component.
*Selected samples as needed.
LITHO-RISK: First of its kind India: Measurement of various components in 24 hrs Urine sample with Super-saturation values. This gives most accurate information about your body’s metabolic status. This makes your doctors to know factors responsible for developing stones. A follow up 24 hrs estimation shows how treatment is effective. This test is very useful in preventing recurrence of stone.

If Kidney stones are not treated properly, it again develops in about 50% patients in next 5 yrs period.